PE/ Sports Funding

Sport plays a huge part at Byker Primary School. We offer 40 school clubs that take place before and after school. Our sporting achievements are numerous and we are currently champions at basketball, netball and football, with more competitions to come. Please take the time to visit our school twitter page, as well as looking at the amount of competitions we enter to give our pupils such valuable experiences. You can even view what your child will be learning in PE lessons on our curriculum 2016-17 page.

Mr Danquah - PE Teacher

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Physical Education and School Sport Funding at Byker Primary School

Mission Statement

At Byker Primary School, our aim is to increase participation in high quality sport and physical activity across the school as well as developing a positive and competitive attitude towards sport. Our core values are honesty, respect and determination. We use these values throughout school and promote them within all P.E activities.

We as a school want to ensure that all children are given the opportunity to participate in high quality sporting activities, whether that is developing a skill that they already have or trying something completely new to them. Our children have huge potential and it is our mission to ensure that they realise their talents and go on to further develop these strengths.

Sports Teacher

We now employ an experienced sports teacher as an unqualified teacher within school who works full time. His role is to oversee before and after-school activities and support teachers within P.E lessons in order to ensure high quality delivery of a balanced curriculum to children of all ages. He will also look after sports teams and liaise with the P.E coordinator in order for us to access Level 1 and 2 competitions for our gifted and talented children as well as Change for Life and celebration events for those children who are interested in a sport or just want to have a go.

Aims of Physical Activity

  • Increase participation across EYFS, KS1 and KS2
  • Support a healthy lifestyle in and out of school
  • Identify and extend gifted and talented children
  • Development of agility, balance and coordination of EYFS and KS1 children
  • Develop leadership, teamwork, organisation, listening and communication skills through sport and physical activity
  • Children and adults understand the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while at school and in everyday life.

Objectives of Physical Activity at Byker Primary School

  • Provide opportunity for every child to engage in sport and physical activity
  • Ensure quality delivery
  • Provide competition opportunity for both teams and individuals
  • Promote sporting opportunities in the local community
  • Develop skills which can be used in adult life
  • Provide play opportunities that encourage active play before, during break times and after school


We have a large hall and gym which provides space for P.E lessons, extra-curricular clubs, breakfast clubs, break/lunch time activities and inter-school competitions. In addition to this we have two outdoor sports pitches (MUGAs) which also provide space for P.E lessons and extra-curricular clubs. These pitches were mainly funded by a grant from Sport England (£30,000) and partly by the school in 2014 to help us ensure that children had the facilities to develop their skills and lead active healthy lifestyles both inside and outside of school hours. We also have a large playground with a variety of activities such as a ropes course and adventure activity equipment to ensure children have the opportunity to play intensively. As we do not have a field at our disposal, the part of the yard which is designated as our football pitch, has been covered with fake grass in order to allow the children to fully commit to playing games rather than holding back through fear of a painful landing on concrete.

We are also very lucky to be situated within a few minutes’ walk of Newcastle Climbing Centre, Newcastle East End Pool, a boxing gym and Ouseburn Farm. The school minibuses are also used to allow access to facilities further afield such as sports centres, Walker Activity Dome and Outdoor Activity Centres such as Ford Castle and High Borrans.

Out of hours activity

We currently offer an extensive extra-curricular sports programme that provides the opportunity for children to further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in a range of sporting areas. These clubs are organised in relation to the competition calendar released by the Newcastle P.E and School Sport Service, P.E topics and what the children actually want to do after school through discussions with the school council. Within these sessions we also help to develop the children’s understanding of ‘a healthy active lifestyle’ by increasing their awareness of issues such as the need for exercise, healthy living, tackling obesity and healthy eating.

P.E School Sport Funding

In 2016-17, the Government’s Primary P.E and Sport funding of £9,330 will be used to:

  • Purchase of the Gold Package of support from the Newcastle P.E and School Sport Service
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules and resources for P.E/sport
  • Provide professional development opportunities in P.E/sport for teachers across the school through Newcastle P.E and Sport SLA
  • Whole school assessment with support of the Newcastle P.E and School Sport Service followed by a staff meeting on how to interpret and use the data to impact on teaching of our specific children
  • Attend and organise competitions and celebration opportunities provided by the Newcastle P.E and Sport SLA and other organisations
  • Subsidise costs to and from competitions or pay for petrol for the school minibus
  • Provide staff to accompany children to remove burden from parents/non-attendance
  • Provide the opportunity for parents to travel with staff to support their children
  • Increase the number and range of lunchtime and after/before school sports clubs by providing experienced coaches
  • Improvement of the outdoor space to ensure every child has the opportunity to be engaged in adult or child led play
  • Year 5 children to complete ‘Playmakers Award’ and work towards silver and gold
  • Buy in dance and tennis coaches to work alongside teachers during curriculum time (dance 3 hours per week, £25 per hour and tennis 1 hour per week, £25 per hour)
  • Twenty gifted and talented children to be taken to holiday camps with other children from the city and all fees covered
  • High quality coaches to demonstrate BMX skills and football skills on sports day to show a range of sports that are accessible
  • Support individual children with specific talents or needs
  • Upkeep of current class set of bikes and purchase of replacements to encourage cycling throughout the curriculum
  • Any remaining funding has been spent on the astro-turf to cover the football pitch. This took up the remainder of the budget and was supplemented through pupil premium spendin
  • *All additional support to be supplemented by Pupil Premium Funds where appropriate- to ensure improvements are sustainable in   future

Impact of increased participation

Participating in Sport and Physical Activity will not only benefit our children but the wider community. We will provide opportunities for all to engage in physical activity. At Byker Primary School we believe healthy staff, adults and children will have an impact on academic studies, behaviour and general wellbeing. We will achieve the following outcomes through increased participation:

  • Healthy staff, parents and children.
  • Reduced obesity and BMI.
  • Knowledgeable children and adults on the benefits of a healthy active lifestyle.
  • Sporting accolades through increased competition.
  • All children reach sporting potential.
  • Strong relationships with wider community.
  • Opportunity for organisations/clubs to use facility.
  • CPD for staff, parents/carers.
  • Increased self-esteem and self-confidence of children, staff and parents/carers.
  • Children given opportunity to experience a range of sports.
  • Gifted and Talented children identified and signposted to appropriate clubs.
  • We have also been awarded the Sainsbury's Silver Mark award and will be attempting to gain a gold award this coming year.

Involving Staff and Parents / Carers

The understanding and engagement of our staff, parents and guardians is crucial to the continued success and increased provision of PE and Sport and ensures our vision and objections can be achieved. Governors and the SLT team will work alongside Sport Coordinator to monitor and review PE delivery, after school clubs and if planned outcomes have been achieved. The PE and Sport Policy will be fully reviewed on a termly basis unless there are new initiatives that require its review at an earlier date.