Homework is an important element in the education of our pupils.  We recognise the importance of the extra time it allows and the benefits derived from extending the pupils’ studies beyond the classroom


  1. To underline the shared responsibility of parents and school in the child’s learning
  2. To offer pupils the opportunity to work independently
  3. To provide interesting, stimulating, relevant and challenging tasks
  4. To allow the pupil to practise skills, complete and review work started in the class


  1. Homework :-
    • Is set throughout our school from Nursery to Year 6
    • Should be relevant to the age and learning objectives for the year group
    • Should take a variety of forms i.e. thinking oral, reading, finding and written
  1. A covering letter is to be sent to parents in the first week of September to inform them of the school’s homework policy
  2. Children should be allowed several days to complete their homework
  3. All homework should be returned within the week
  4. A child shouldn’t be expected to work on homework for more than 30 minutes each night
  5. Each child should be given a folder or plastic wallet for carrying homework to and from school


Education does not only happen during the school day.  Homework helps to emphasise that education is a continuing process.