Photo Permission

Byker Primary School would like to take photographs and or video recordings of pupils whilst they attend the school to celebrate their achievements and successes. Still or moving images may be published in our printed publications (e.g. School prospectus, newsletters) and/or on our external websites ( and ( They may also be used to promote the good educational practice of the school to other teachers e.g. at training events organised by the Local Authority or national education/government institutions. Children’s names will never be published alongside their photographs externally to the school. Names may be used internally, for example – on a display.

Photographs / videos may also be published for internal use only, as part of children’s regular classroom work e.g. on classroom displays, within multimedia projects (e.g. PowerPoint), on the school’s internal network and to share educational achievements with parents e.g. video presentation of a school trip. Electronic images, whether photographs or videos, will be stored securely on the school’s network which is accessible only by authorised users. Before using any photographs/videos of your child we need your permission; a copy of our Parental Consent Form is available by clicking on the icon below.